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What is, also known as the currency tracking project, monitors the movement of U.S. currency as it travels throughout the country and the entire world. You may have received a bill of U.S. currency in the past that has either been stamped or written upon with information inviting you can track the bill at If so, you've seen a registered bill. You can also write on, or stamp on your own bills, enter them into the website, and monitor the movement of the bills you've initiated.

Is Legal?

Many people wonder if tracking U.S. currency, or more importantly, writing or stamping on currency is even a legal activity? There is certainly nothing wrong with tracking currency based on serial numbers. In response to the concern of whether or not it's legal to write or stamp upon currency, the website explains the following on it's FAQ page, "Where's George? does not encourage the defacement of U.S. Currency. The law defines 'illegal' defacement as defacement that renders bills unfit to be re-issued." The site then directs people to the following U.S. Department of the Treasury site further explaining defacement laws. In other words, in the websites' opinion, writing or stamping on U.S. currency does not render the bill unfit to be re-issued, thus, does not constitute illegal defacement.

A stamped $1.00 bill with portions of the serial number missing
A stamped $1.00 bill with portions of the serial number missing offers many hours of entertainment. I think its pinnacle of existence was around 2010. Since then, the use of currency has become much less common, and entered bills tend to receive many fewer hits than previously. Also, bills travel less than in previous years. But, it's still entertaining and fun. To use the site effectively, you are required to create an account, however. There are also official apps for on both Google Play Store, and iPhone App Store. Look them up, and play on the go.

Full Disclosure: I do not own nor operate, and am not affiliated with the site, or it's operator(s). I am a registered user, however. (My user profile).